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Justin Christensen is a Denmark-based composer, researcher, and performer who has recently joined the Aalborg University as a Post-Doctoral researcher. He has previously earned his PhD in music composition in the UK with Michael Finnissy, after completing degrees in music composition at the Koninklijk Conservatorium in The Netherlands, and degrees in music composition and trumpet performance at McGill University in Canada. He performs regularly with Ensemble Modelo62 in The Netherlands and the Whiggly Ensemble in the U.K. He enjoys performing challenging experimental music, and uses these experiences to also help him develop creative new ideas for his own music. In his own music, he enjoys exploring the inner workings of the musical object, rigorously examining it to expose its internal oppositions and generative potential, then delving into it and manipulating the complex and chaotic relations.  Aside from his composing and performing, he is also an avid researcher with interests in Critical Theory, Reception Theory (with an emphasis on psycho-acoustic research related to listener perception and cognition), music neuroscience, information theory, and spectral deconstruction. justinchristensen.com

Graham Flett is presently working towards PhD in Music Composition at Brunel University (U.K). He is under from direction from Christopher Fox and Michael Finnissy. Additionally to this, he holds a Master in Composition from the Royal Conservatory of the Hague (Netherlands) and also holds a Bachelor in Fine Arts (music) from Toronto’s York University. Hopefully, this qualifies Graham to talk candidly about music. However, the Unexamined Partial seemed like a fun way to do a comprehensive study of composers and other topics related to classical music. Perhaps too, this exhaustive podcasting-seriesit will (over)compensate for the fact that Graham does not have to do U.S.-style comprehensives for his PhD in the U.K. For more information on Graham Flett and to enjoy some free listenings of his music, please check out: grahamflett.com


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