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The Unexamined Partial Classical Music podcast is made by three freelance musicians/composers to explore classical music in depth in an entertaining, enlightening and comprehensible fashion. Our goal is to provide a deeper understanding of composers, musical works and musical styles and engage in discussions on other philosophical topics related to classical music.

On this page we present the recordings and readings used for each episode.

Episode 1

In our inaugural episode “Bach is our Pilot” we explore the music of Johan Sebastian Bach and his place as a seminal figure in the canon of western music. We focus on Bach as situated between the medieval world view and the emerging realities of individualism and discuss why his music is so influential and what it may have to say to us today.

We mainly looked at Bach’s Goldberg Variations
and Art of Fugue

We read from:
John Butt The Postmodern Mindset, Musicology and the Future of Bach Scholarship
Bach’s Dialogue with Modernity: Perspectives on the Passions

Teodor Adorno “Bach, defended against his devotees”, 1967.

Glenn Gould’s discussion of Art of Fugue

During the episode, we listened to:

With this initial episode I put my citation skills got put on the back burner. Now doing my best to put down what the details were about each audio-clip.

Part One:

13:10 – Gould, Glen: Art of the Fuge (interview)
15:05 – Palestrina: Missa O Sacrum Convivial
19:30 – J.S. Bach: Prelude in C major
24:00 – Johann Jakob Froberger Toccata XI_1649
23:50 – J.S. Bach – concerto for four harpsichords (see here)
24:45 – Folk: “Frere Jacques” canon
25:08 – J.S. Bach, French Overture / Gould, Glen.
25:22 –
25:31 – Davis, Miles. Bitches, Brew, found here.
26:35 – J.S. Bach / Gould, Glen.
27:29 – J.S. Bach, Goldberg Variations / Gould, Glen.
27:45 – J.S. Bach, Goldberg Variations / Gould, Glen.
27:50 – J.S. Bach, Goldberg Variations / Gould, Glen.
27:58 – J.S. Bach, Goldberg Variations / Gould, Glen.
27:05 – J.S. Bach, Goldberg Variations (variation 15) / Gould, Glen.
28:41 –
28:48 – baroque form, dance, baroque form example, virtuosic examples (italian style)
29:05 –
29:25 – J.S. Bach (variation one - the same moment made into a collage):
            1. Maria Tipo (here) 2. Gustav Leonard (here) 3. Glen Gould (here) 4. Pierre Hantaï (here) 
            5. Rusa Elena Barshai (here).
43:09 – J.S. Bach, Chacone (Fernandez, F)
44:21 – J.S. Bach, Brandenburg Concerto No.1 / (they’re all here)
47:04 – J.S. Bach, Goldberg Variations (variation no.6) / Pierre Hantaï. (see here)
49:11 – J.S. Bach, Coffee Concerto. (see here)
49:40 – J.S. Bach, Italian Concerto / Gould, Glen.
51:08 – Bach, Goldberg Variations, Quod Libet, Maria Tipo
53:33 – Bach, Goldberg Variations / Pierre Hantaï


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