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Episode 4 Grössere Beethoven

In this Episode 4 РGr̦ssere Beethoven, we continue our look into Beethoven, showing his impact on music composition from the early 19th century up until today.

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Unexamined Partial Classical Music Podcast Episode 2

Here’s the Second episode, where we continue our exploration into the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, and his place as a seminal figure in the canon of western music. We focus on Bach as situated between the medieval world view and the emerging realities of individualism in the modern world and discuss why his music is so influential and what it may have to say to us today.


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Unexamined Partial Classical Music Podcast Episode 1

We have been working on this for ages… it’s our pilot, called: ‘Bach’ is our Pilot.  We still don’t have a theme song, or an official logo, but it’s all coming (along with Episode Two). These episodes are seriously long listens (in two parts)… put on some headphones, relax, or use us as a sonic background while you makes some festive homemade moussaka.